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Meet Robert Tomoguchi

Robert began writing at the age of thirteen. When he was sixteen he read The Dead by James Joyce and instantly knew he wanted to be a writer for life. As an adult he has penned stage plays and screenplays but remains devoted to fiction and has authored multiple books. In 2017 he published his first full-length novel, The Scribbled Victims.

Robert is a proud Banana Slug having attended Porter College at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he received his degree in Modern Literary Studies in 1995. He primarily enjoys reading modern and contemporary literature, especially transgressive fiction.

The Scribbled Victims Vampire Series

The Scribbled Victims tells the story of Yelena Solodnikova, a vampire who developed a conscience, and therefore struggles with the guilt of her murderous eternal existence. She finds solace in the company of Orly Bialek, a twelve-year-old girl who is dying of cancer. Through her art, Orly can see the evil deeds committed by the people she scribbles. These scribbles provide Yelena with victims she will not feel guilty for killing. It seems like a perfect relationship, except that Orly’s cancer will soon take her life. Yelena must decide between letting Orly die and returning to her own eternity of guilt, or making her immortal by condemning her to the loveless life of a child vampire.

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The Me and My Friend Maddie Gothic Book Series

This is gonna be a story about this time we went to a goth club and almost got killed by some weirdo and then almost killed somebody else, and in the process discovered that goth girls don't taste like chicken. Not one bit.

This is Book One of the
Me and My Friend Maddie
Gothic Book Series.

When a new girl shows up at Club Nocturne she disrupts the friendship between Maddie and her distinctly flawed and terribly jealous BFF. Will he learn to accept the friendly intruder or will he bury that bitch in goth club ridicule?

This is Book Two of the
Me and My Friend Maddie
Gothic Book Series.

Maddie’s BFF struggles to be a role model to a young goth noob who is being bullied. What will he do when he discovers the advice he gives his new baby bat friend isn’t advice that he himself can live by?

This is Book Three of the
Me and My Friend Maddie
Gothic Book Series.

Maddie has a new boyfriend, which sends her BFF on a quest to find a girlfriend. Following a series of dates, he finally meets a girl he truly likes. Everything is perfect until he discovers something peculiar about her and is forced to decide if it is a relationship deal breaker.

This is Book Four of the
Me and My Friend Maddie
Gothic Book Series.

The Ascension of the Blind Princess

Within the Kingdom of Tyria, a baby girl is born with violet eyes. By custom, this uncommon trait elevates the girl into royalty, and she soon becomes the Princess Bless. However, the royal title bestowed upon her also means abduction from her parents and a forced marriage while still a child. Though her struggles eventually lead to her blindness, the young Princess Bless leads a fight to the death against those of the royal house who held her captive.

This gruesome fairy tale, written by Robert Tomoguchi, is beautifully illustrated by Ashley Vargas.