The Scribbled Victims Vampire Series

Living the immortal life of a vampire hasn’t been easy for Yelena Solodnikova. With all her heart, she loved the ancient vampire Marcel who made her, and expected to spend eternity with him. But after over a century together, Marcel disappeared without a word, leaving Yelena brokenhearted. To make things more difficult, Yelena goes completely against the nature of her vampiric race by developing a conscience and begins to feel guilt for all the mortals she kills each night in Los Angeles.

A chance encounter with twelve year old orphan Orly Bialek changes everything for Yelena, as Orly has a supernatural gift. Orly is able to scribble portraits of people and see the evil deeds they have committed. With Orly’s ability to find predators of all sorts—murderers, rapists, drug dealers—roaming the streets of Los Angeles, she is able to provide Yelena a way to feed without feeling guilty even when the deaths are violent and torturous.

The pair bonds quickly, forming a mother/daughter relationship and this begins to heal Yelena’s broken heart while allowing Orly, who has lived in a string of foster homes, to feel loved for the first time. It’s the perfect symbiotic relationship except for one thing—Orly is rapidly dying of leukemia.

If Yelena allows Orly to die, she will lose the daughter she has come to love as well as the guilt-free meals she’s grown accustomed to. But if Yelena saves Orly’s life by turning her into a vampire, not only will she be going against the rules of vampiric tradition, she will be dooming Orly to an eternal existence devoid of true romantic love, as Orly will always appear to those around her, both mortals and immortals alike, as untouchable, as she will forever be trapped in the body of a child.

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Book Two

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The Ascension of the Blind Princess









Within the Kingdom of Tyria, a baby girl is born with violet eyes. By custom, this uncommon trait elevates the girl into royalty, and she soon becomes the Princess Bless. However, the royal title bestowed upon her also means abduction from her parents and a forced marriage while still a child. Though her struggles eventually lead to her blindness, the young Princess Bless leads a fight to the death against those of the royal house who held her captive. This gruesome fairy tale, written by Robert Tomoguchi, is beautifully illustrated by Ashley Vargas.

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